Pretty Paper

Uppercase Spring 2017 -- p106 -- Jane H

Among the many fine things that have hailed from Canada – Joni Mitchell, Samantha Bee, maple syrup, moose hats – is the magazine Uppercase.

Uppercase Spring 2017 -- p109 -- Jane H

Uppercase describes itself as a magazine for “the creative and curious” – and is a lovingly assembled showcase of the work of many different kinds of artists, designers, makers and curators. Its website is here.

Uppercase Spring 2017 -- p107 -- Jane H

Jane is a devoted reader of Uppercase, so you can only imagine (actually, you’re probably underestimating) her excitement that there are four (count them) well deserved pages featuring her and her studio and its amazing contents in the latest issue.

Uppercase Spring 2017 -- p108 -- Jane H

Uppercase is a publication funded by subscription rather than advertising. It looks good and is always full of inspiring people and creativity – and, not merely because it’s made Jane’s month this April – we think you could do worse than become a subscriber too….




3 thoughts on “Pretty Paper

  1. Dear Jane,
    You are such an inspiration!
    I too am a collector of various colourful ephemera, have become slightly addicted to Instagram, also an avid reader of Uppercase! and live in Norfolk (-do you?)
    Must get in touch…
    Best wishes

    • Hi Maddy. Oh dear, you must think I’m useless (I am!) — I’ve just found this message from you, which I’ve overlooked for even longer. We bit off a bit more than we could chew when we started doing this blog, but I’m getting it going again now, and hence have just spoted your comment. Thanks so much (not least for not giving up) xx

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