The Joy of Sets: my new collection prints

Bird collection print

If you’re familiar with my Instagram feed (@foundandchosen), you’ll know that it has collections at its very heart. Making new sets from the sea of kipple that threatens to overwhelm my studio room gives me so much pleasure: for a brief moment, order emerges from chaos and I record it for Instagram.

Now I’ve started to create a series of ‘Collection’ prints which make some of my arrangements of cutout vintage pictures and picturecards from vintage lotto games more permanent. There are eight so far, although I can imagine making lots more and have plans for the next few in the series. Above are Birds and Cups. Then there are Houses:

House collection print

I’m particularly fond of this one. All of the collections are close to my heart and feature things I love to collect. I’ve photographed them amidst some of my corresponding collections (or odd clusters of objects might sometimes be a more appropriate term…).

Not many people know that I love drums and drumming. I used to play in a samba band called Toque Tambor. So I think that’s why I love vintage illustrations of drums. Here’s my drum collection print, flanked by my Brazilian tamborim and a couple of shakers (the larger one is Mexican).

I had to do prints featuring dogs and cats as vintage illustrations of them are so adorable. Almost better than the real thing (kidding!). Here are my canine and feline print designs, snuggling amongst my bits and pieces:

Dog collection print
Cat collection print

Finally, you may know that David and I are avid collectors of miniature vintage televisions. I also have a passion for vintage illustrations of TVs. I can’t get enough of the pop culture of the talking box.

If you click on the link in the captions for each print, it will take you to Etsy, where there are more details about them. They are all A3 size (29.7cm x 42cm), signed and numbered in a limited edition of 100 prints each. And yours, unframed, for £10! A must for any home. Or click here to go to the prints section of the FoundandChosen Etsy shop.

Future prints will include butterflies, various fruit and flowers. If you’d like to suggest a particular collection, leave me a comment.

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