Little Flickers

Subbuteo Football Vintage World Cup

If You Flick Them, They Will Score… possibly

On the eve of that “most epic, the ultimate romantic – almost metaphysical – collision between artistry and efficiency” [(c) Adrian Chiles] – ie the 20th FIFA World Cup Final – it’s entirely likely that any mention of “the beautiful game”will make you weep tears of frustration even more desolate than those of a Brazilian football souvenirs seller.

But – spare me the statutory four minutes of your extra time – and I will give you this invaluable tip for those head-scratching moments when you are trying to find a cool vintage present for the football fan in your life…

… old Subbuteo catalogues. You can pick them up fairly cheaply on eBay

Subbuteo, Football, World Cup, Soccer, Vintage, Sport

… we are going through that difficult homo-erotic phase (see also Action Man)

and they often fold out into graphically striking A3-sized posters like this…

Subbuteo, Football,  World Cup, International,  Teams, Poster

A3 poster in the catalogue

… which can look stunning when they are framed, and make a distinctive and eye-catching gift (or treat yourself – you deserve it!).

As a dedicated Shoot reader, I have to admit that I badgered my mum into buying me a Subbuteo set when I was 10, but alas found flicking a bit too tricky, and spent much more of my time writing and creating programmes for my imaginary fixtures.

Subbuteo, football, soccer, vintage, game

He shoots – he sends the ball under the sideboard

You can find out more about the history of the game here – and even if for some unfathomable reason you don’t like football, there is a different reason to like Subbuteo – namely that it is mentioned in the third best single by The Undertones – My Perfect Cousin.

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