Nibs And New Geometry Sets

Hoorah for the new term!

Hoorah for the new term!

Never mind the mists and mellow fruitfulness, early September always gets me pining for nibs and new geometry sets.

I never feel like making resolutions on January 1st, but deeply ingrained in my ink-splattered soul is the inescapable feeling at this time of year that something big is happening, that new adventures and challenges are to be met as we embark on a brave new year at big school in abrasive new shoes that make us walk like Long John Silver.

September feels like a new beginning, complete with anxieties that can only be soothed by stationery – a new Platignum pen, a bottle of Quink, a new compass, ruler and protractor… and a new notebook for all those great new thoughts surely to come, in between struggling with Latin verbs and watching Star Trek.

A mighty well of unwritten potential genius, also impossible to remove from shirt cuffs

A mighty well of unwritten potential genius, also impossible to remove from shirt cuffs

Big school also always makes me think about the true genius of Ronald Searle), whose books I love to collect and whose pens surely never leaked in his blazer pocket but instead brought to life the wonderfully comic world of Nigel Molesworth & co at St Custard’s (see above), not to mention their more racy counterparts at St Trinian’s

See Jane's lovingly upcycled notebook

See Jane’s lovingly upcycled notebook

If you are feeling in the “new term” mood to unleash your creativity on some bold new project, then I can suggest an ideal new notebook to help you on your way – one of the upcycled notebooks that Jane has lovingly created by combining old Ladybird books with all kinds of “found” papers for scribbling, jotting and drawing, ideal for swots and dreamers – and available from our Esty shop here.




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