You Better Watch Out…

Father Christmas Card

Santa Clauses coming to town – and to our Etsy shop

Jane and I have spent many happy hours over the years scouring through the bottom of “Everything 20p” boxes at car boot fairs, snapping up grimy job-lot tins at auctions, scooping lost little objects off the pavement – all for our own delight.

Christmas Card Post

Sorting through our ever-expanding archives never stops

But this year Jane had the inspired idea of sharing some of our “kipple”, typography and ephemera collections with other enthusiasts through our Instagram account – and her daily “tiny treasures” posts have seen our number of followers climb steadily – to our excitement – towards 4,000 now. Maybe it will reach 5,000 by Christmas…

… (cough, cough) speaking of which – due to the suggestions from many followers of our Instagram feed that we should produce a book or cards based on our collections – we’ve decided to create a set of six cards for this Christmas featuring some of the tiny Yuletide treasures from our ever-growing archive.

Happy Holidays!

Our set of six new cards for Christmas 2015 – Happy Holidays!

There are Xmas pins, corny cracker jokes, Christmassy deer, classic cake decorations, plastic holly and a jolly assortment of Santas. We’ve had a lot of fun putting them together, and now we are now very happy to say that you can get your hands on them through our Etsy shop.

Christmas Cracker Joke

Cracker jokes – it’s the way you tell them

Deer Holly Santas Sledge

Just like the ones we used to know … memories make Christmas

Christmas pin badge

He knows if you’ve been bad or good or been to Debenhams…

There are only 10 more weekends till Christmas (I know) – so have a look at them now – we don’t think you’ll find cuter cards anywhere else.

Christmas Music Playlist

It can’t be a Happy Holiday without at least 300 cover versions of Last Christmas

Too early to think festively? Not if, like me, you’re the kind of person who’s on the look-out from January to December for weird and obscure Christmas music for your special seasonal playlist… but that’s another post…


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