From Norwich With Love


One of three TVs we took to the Sainsbury Centre For Visual Arts

Collecting is a passion that Jane and I have shared since we first met. But over the years we haven’t shared the result of our various obsessive pursuits until we launched Found & Chosen and, in particular, since Jane started her Instagram feed which now has almost 5,000 followers.

Back in the 1990s we had the not entirely comfortable experience of being interviewed by Bill Oddie for the Channel 4 series Collector’s Lot – when we introduced daytime TV viewers to our collection of toy and novelty TVs and Christmas cracker toys.


Celebrating Magnificent Obsessions

This past weekend we finally “came out” in public once again about our devotion to our – now significantly bigger – mini-TV collection. This time it was with a lively gathering of other collectors whose passions were celebrated to coincide with the final day of the Magnificent Obsessions exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre For Visual Arts on the UEA campus in Norwich.

The exhibition – which features some of the personal collections of renowned artists such as Andy Warhol, Peter Blake, Damien Hirst, Howard Hodgkin and Edmund de Waal, was launched at the Barbican at the beginning of last year. No doubt it will be touring the world for some time now; and a fascinating accompanying book by Lydia Yee is available here.


Our trio of tiny TVs

A picture of our tiny TV collection was included in the exhibition while it was being shown at the Sainsbury Centre, along with collections as diverse as bramble varieties, animal skulls, sea shells, plastic animals and Wombles memorabilia.


Remember You’re A Womble – Remember?

We joined some of these magnificently obsessed collectors in creating a display and giving a short informal talk about three examples from our collection.


Country Collections…

It was great fun – thanks to the excellent organisation of the event by a team of bright and enthusiastic interns from UEA – and the huge interest we received in our collection has given us extra impetus for one of our ambitions for 2016 – to photograph and “curate” our collection of 100s of tiny TVs for a celebratory book.

Watch this small-screen-sized space…






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